What is DMIT

It is a scientific assessment method used to analyze and understand an individual’s innate intelligence, personality traits, and learning style based on their fingerprint patterns.


The DMIT test is conducted using advanced technology and software, which analyze and interpret the unique patterns and ridges on an individual’s fingerprints.


how it is helpful

The results provide insight into the individual’s dominant learning style, strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas of development. It helps to find the in-born unique talent of an individual which helps in the field of career counselling.

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" CA Nipun's innovative approach and remarkable personality come highly recommended. His suggestion of DMIT helped my nephew overcome confusion with career choices. Nipun's exceptional skills as a speaker and entrepreneur are thoroughly appreciated and endorsed. "

Dr. Sharad Daga

Consultant surgeon RHL hospital, Jaipur

"After experiencing DMIT, I now have a deeper understanding of my personality and feel more confident. Nipun Daga provided great guidance during the counseling session and helped me connect with my inner self. It was an incredible experience that has answered many of my questions about myself."

Mrs. Khushboo Mehta

Founder of Nirelle Jewelery

"DMIT provided me with a great experience of discovering my inborn intelligence and interests. The test is reliable and helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses. The 90-minute counseling session was informative, discussing my positive and negative points. I recommend this test for those struggling with career choices and seeking to choose the right path."

Mr. Siddhart Lodha

Student of XII

“I appreciate the quality and accuracy of my DMIT  REPORT. DMIT can help students and parents in choosing right career. There are so many career counseling services but in my opinion DMIT is far better and authentic for knowing innate powers and inherent qualities.”

Mr. Ashok Kumar Jain

Principal, Govt senior Secondary school, Hindaun City

“I heard about DMIT test by EVOLVE India from my friend. As I had some problems with my job, I did this DMIT test and followed the remedies suggested by the counselor. I discovered many of my hidden talents from the report. I’m finding this test very useful. I will definitely share this DMIT concept with my family, relatives and friends. Thank you EVOLVE for helping me in such a scientific way.”

Mr. Himanshu Jain

Computer Engineer, Bangalore

“Never believed that DMIT test can be so useful for us to know our child better till I got it done for sake of curiosity, but once report came we were amazed.

I personally think every parent should make their children undergo this test for enabling better parenting and stress free life for their children.”

Mr. & Mrs. Hitesh and Nimisha Kotecha

Parent of 4 year old

“Evolve’s DMIT is a must for everyone. Every should get it done for clarity of thoughts about themselves and their life. My experience with Mr. Nipun Daga was great and worth every penny. This experience is not just about knowing your in born talents or traits but even how to discover the undiscovered talent and quality of a person with a proper implementation method which is given by the life coach.”

Mrs. Mahi Mehta

BBA, LLB, Mumbai

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