Awakening From Wisdom Tooth

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Well, this is my first blog and I want to share something very interesting that once happened to me.

Yesterday I came across my diary and while flipping through I noticed the page where I had written about the experience of dental surgery of my wisdom tooth by Dr.Prasad. In my case, 75% of the wisdom tooth was deeply rooted with only 25% visible from the outside, since, it was penetrated so much it had rotten completely and was causing acute pain. When I went to visit my doctor, he suggested uprooting it completely, or else it will start causing trouble for the teeth around. The surgery has begun and I was in bitter pain. So, while Dr. Prasad continued his work meticulously, I gain control over my thoughts and a mental dialogue began relating the situation to our lives.

Doesn’t the same thing happen in life also??

In life, if Anger-Greed-Ego-Over Attachment gets imbibed in your nature; it gets so deep that it starts to first rot your inner self and then slowly it starts affecting the people and the environment around you.

For E.g. You are a short-tempered person, and keep animosity for a long period of time..then anger (or Greed, Ego, etc), will first rob your inner peace; the equanimity of your mind will be affected. Your mood is spoilt, and you get disinterested in everything. You have burning sensations inside you, your BP increases… the list goes on!!

If this becomes a regular practice, it will disturb every person and every relationship around you. Just like my wisdom tooth which was causing pain to me and rotting all others around.

This is applicable to addictions, an intense distressed relationship with someone, a chain smoker, an alcoholic/drug addict, etc.

That is when a role of a coach/mentor/guru comes in.

In my case, Dr. Prasad was the person who first conducted an investigation and advised that the tooth was so deep-rooted that we need to take it out ASAP. I got anxious thinking about the pain. But he relieved me and compassionately led me to the right way and started cutting the gum inside. There was a lot of bleeding, cutting-digging going on…I felt very uncomfortable, it was awful, something unusual was happening…my mind was not ready to accept the pain. I was mentally agitated and physically shaking.

Finally, the tooth came out, there was emptiness there and for the next few days, some precautions were prescribed. A week later there was a relief. Complete relief from the pain!!

That is how a coach works. You go to him, and he does the initial assessment of your mental–behavioral problem, calms you, and shows you the right path by beginning the coaching process. Initially, people may feel discomfort, but when a coach starts working on their problems gradually those inner-rooted problems, habits, and beliefs disappear. Coach offers you a sustainable model so that the root cause will never pop out again in your life. They work on strengthening your mental immune system and permanently fixing it.

To develop any kind of skills you need a coach eg. For swimming, any sports, learning a new language, etc in everything you need coaching. Similarly, living fruitful life is in itself a great skill to learn and you definitely require a life coach, a mentor, and a guru to sail through this wonderful adventurous journey of life..!!

Why do you go for regular health checkups even when there is no problem? So that everything is in perfect state, you don’t wish to regret later when a small issue becomes a big one… Parallelly when you are in a happy state of mind, you need to keep EVOLVING…EVOLVE as a better person, EVOLVE the inner qualities, EVOLVING the life skills so that we keep moving ahead in life and reach that ultimate bliss…!!

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