The Best Motivational Books

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Another insightful book written “The Secret of Leadership” by Prakash Iyer. Rahul Dravid has written the foreword for this book. And, in it he talks about the beauty of storytelling and how it teaches us without even appearing to do so. Storytelling imparts wisdom while keeping the listener engaged and entertained.   Prakash Iyer uses […]

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Happy Mother’s Day !!!

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जब रूठे थे हम तब तुमने हमे संभाला है..हमारी हर मुश्किल को अपनी बनके आपने अपना जीवन हम को दिया है.. छोटे थे हम तो हमारे हाथ पकड़के चलना सिखाया है…आपके इन कोमल हाथो से हमारा जीवन मजबूत बनाया है… बड़े हुए तोह हमारी best friend बनके सब शेयर किया है ..हमारे सब नखरो को

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Awakening From Wisdom Tooth

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Well, this is my first blog and I want to share something very interesting that once happened to me. Yesterday I came across my diary and while flipping through I noticed the page where I had written about the experience of dental surgery of my wisdom tooth by Dr.Prasad. In my case, 75% of the wisdom

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